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Konkret Comics

Decimation Earth #2

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Decimation Earth- The Long Night picks up where Agents of Anarchy left off.

The last surviving neanderthal tribe escaped the Cro-Magnon Warband in the prehistoric past. Now only to come face to face with an ancient, long-forgotten evil and the dark secret it protects.

1934. Professor Harley Warren and H.P. Lovecraft have found what they were looking for in the old graveyard deep in the Big Cypress swamp, the Necronomicon. But they’re not the only ones searching for the unholy and vile grimoire. Enter Ozymandias, the avatar of Nyarlathotep.

In the distant future of 2262, a desperate Colonel Colin Emanuel finds himself running for his life from mysterious nightmarish creatures and their hellish mistress. Can General Copeland’s agents, Gideon and Paris, intervene in time to save him?



DECIMATION EARTH: in a dystopian future, a secret cult releases a biochemical weapon as preparation for bringing back the ancient gods of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu myths. As the primordial entities start to rise and wreak havoc in the world, a mercenary named Gideon will assemble a group of super powered soldiers to protect the Necronomicon and prevent these Eldritch horrors from ending the world. With dark sorcerers, zombies, and interdimensional monsters standing on their way, Gideon will need to lead his team to victory, or die trying.


Creator/Writer: David Rucker