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Konkret Comics

Watchman Bundle

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 This bundle includes:

Watchman #1 Cover A

Watchman #1.5 

Watchman #2 Cover A



When Airforce veteran Tevin Fields discovers he is the lost child of Warren City's greatest crime fighter, he inherits the mantle of The Watchman to protect his city from unknown forces while also trying to solve the mystery of his father’s murder. While investigating a series of strange kidnappings in Warren City, The Watchman’s best friend, Christian, is taken by a mysterious new villain, Vel, who seems to know too much about Tevin’s secret identity and past.

What does Vel want, and will The Watchman be able to defeat his new nemesis? Evil is Back for Blood!

Creator/Writer: Lyle Ringold

Line Artist: Leandro Meneses

Colorist: Matheus Huve

Letterer/FX: Blak Hydra

Editor: Lonzo Starr